The news on South Korea looking at shutting down some BTC and crypto exchanges has been seized upon

I posted the news as it broke yesterday, Bitcoin - Sth Korean authorities to review closing crypto exchanges

... I hope anyone trading over the holiday period found it useful (and profitable).

Anyway .... onto the topic of the post .... why the hate? I popped over to the local press website this morning to get the usual ... car crashes, celebrity gossip, cricket, weather ... you know ... and here is this: Bitcoin extends slide as South Korea says it may close exchanges

  • the cryptocurrency's dizzying drop from a record set 10 days ago intensified.

'Dizzying drop'?

Sheesh. It fell from circa 15.5K to circa 13.5K in the hours following the news.... hardly more than a few spreads for the thing!

Anyway, carry on ....

And ... here is an update in case you are lying on a beach somewhere and are curious (the red mark is where I posted the Sth Korea news yesterday - who says news doesn't matter?):