China's Premier Li Qiang spoke to an audience of global CEOs and Chinese policymakers on Sunday, at the China Development Forum in Beijing. He said China welcomes companies from all countries to invest and deepen their foothold in China.

Among his comments:

  • aims to increase domestic demand
  • all domestic and foreign businesses will receive equal treatment under policies aimed at boosting domestic demand
  • China's low inflation, low central government debt ratio means there is ample room for macro policy
  • promised to improve market access, supply and demand matching, and cross-border data flows
  • issuance of ultralong special treasury bonds worth 1 trillion yuan will effectively stimulate investment and stabilize economic growth
  • measures taken to defuse property and debt risks have proven effective
  • working to prevent system risks, push for long-term and healthy development of China's economy
china li qiang 28 February 2023