For the y/y, +4.1%

  • expected +4.3%, prior +4.4%

From Singapore's MTI:

  • Narrows 2022 GDP growth forecast to around 3.5% (previous forecast: 3% to 4%)
  • Forecasts 2023 GDP growth of 0.5% to 2.5%
  • Says for the rest of 2022, weaker external economic outlook will weigh on growth of outward-oriented sectors in Singapore
  • Says growth prospects of several sectors remain positive in 2023
  • Says growth of outward-oriented sectors expected to weaken in 2023 in tandem with deterioration in external demand conditions


Re 'external economic outlook', this is a reference in particular to the mismanagement in China, a key component of Singapore's external sector.

SGD update:

sgd chart 23 November 2022