A news blackout is underway in southern Ukraine which means "something big is going on". THis is according to Sky News.

They add that:

  • Russia's targeting energy infrastructures
  • Ukraine president Zelenskyy says it's country is "under fire" and that 30% of powerstations have been destroyed in October.
  • A news blackout is underway in southern Ukraine suggesting an imminent push Kyiv.

Over the last 24 hours, there has been a wave of suicide drone strikes in Ukraine's capital Kyiv. The Ukraine president said that Russia is attempting to terrorize civilians. According to Ukraine officials 13 of the drones were shot down with 5 plunging into Kyiv itself destroying buildings and killing civilians.

Ukrainian intelligence allege that Russia order 24,000 drones from Iran. Russia is attempting to hoard its depleted missile inventory.

UK defense minister Wallace has made an emergency trip to the US to discuss the security situation Ukraine including the threat of a nuclear attack.

NYU professor Nuriel Roubini said today "In some sense, World War III has already started. It started in Ukraine because of this conflict has broader implications that go well beyond Russia and Ukraine. It's the beginning of something else"

Roubini cited China in addition to "revisionist" powers including Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan as nations that look to challenge the "economic, social, and geopolitical: order that the US, and Europe and the West created after World War II".

The negotiations between Iran and the US on a new nuclear deal seemed to get to a finish line only to fall backwards. Meanwhile Israel says that if Iran becomes nuclear, they would attack them.