JOLTS December 2022
  • Prior was 10.458m
  • Hires 4.0% vs 3.9% prior
  • Quits 2.7% vs 2.7% prior
  • Layoffs 1.0% vs 0.9% prior
  • Layoffs and discharges decreased in finance and insurance (-43,000) but increased 
    in federal government (+4,000).
  • In December, the largest increases in job openings were in accommodation 
    and food services (+409,000), retail trade (+134,000), and construction (+82,000). The number of job 
    openings decreased in information (-107,000).

Job openings may be re-accelerating as the companies waiting on the sidelines may now have more confidence about order books? In any case, this will give the Fed something to think about.