ACT juicy levels hold and the price falls

We are currently opening up the Attacking Currency Trends trading course (ACT2 for short) to traders from around the world (CLICK HERE for details) and what traders learn about in the course is identifying "ACT levels". If you participated in the webinars yesterday, I outlined a bunch of ACT levels in the GBPUSD chart. They were there for the taking. Did you see them?

Well the AUDUSD has had some juicy ACT levels over the last few days that could have been taken advantage of by traders who know what to look for.

What has been happening in the AUDUSD since bottoming on July 8th? Consolidating. There were clues that should have given traders clues the trend was coming to an end back on July 8-9. The correction higher on July 9 stalled at the prior high and that "ceiling area" proved to be another key "ACT area" that traders leaned against (see aqua circles).

Fast forward to yesterday. The AUDUSD pair rallied off a failed break lower and peaked right at the 200 hour MA (green MA line in the chart above - ACT level). The 61.8% of the move down was also within pips of that level (another ACT LEVEL).

Today, the AUDUSD peaked at yet another ACT level. This came against the 100 hour MA (blue line in the chart above). The key 50% retracement level was also right at that level (ACT level) The price rotated back lower and currently trades at the lows. A move below the lows from July 8th at 0.7371 is the next target to get and stay below.

At each level risk can be defined and very limited. The rewards....well if you attended the webinars yesterday...tend to just happen if the risks are not taken out.

If your trading lacks the vision. Is blurry. Is leaking oil. If you cannot see some of the "juicy" level, you aren't appreciating what you are looking at.... Many people visit the Grand Canyon, look at it, and see a big hole in the ground. Other go and look at it and see millions of years of formation in the details.

Trading successfully relies on seeing the formations too and appreciating the trading opportunities. If you are not seeing them, take the ACT course and learn how...You might be surprised at what you see.....