The JPY continues to get hit with the USDJPY, and the JPY crosses all pushing higher

  • The GBPJPY has moved back away from its 50% midpoint of the range since the 2015 high. That level comes in at 159.918. The price has traded above and below that level over the last three trading days. The high from yesterday at 161.09 is the next upside target. The high price today reached 161.01 so far
GBPJPY moves away from the 50% midpoint
  • The AUDJPY is not trading at the highest level since August 2015 after moving above the November 2015 high at 90.69 area. The price is currently trading at 91.57. The high price reached 91.76. Stay above 90.695 keeps the buyers firmly in control.
AUDJPY moved to the highest level since August 2015