There were a couple of notable news events during the session; the UK election results and the PBOC preparing to build a war chest of bonds to sell.

From the UK we had as-expected election result. A massive landslide win for the Labour Party and a disastrous loss for the incumbent Conservative Party. We are still awaiting full results but the exit poll showed:

    Labour to win 410 seats, the most by any party since 2001

    Conservatives routed with 131 seats, the fewest since the party was founded in 1834 (190 years if you are counting)

    Liberal Democrats on 61

    Reform UK on 13, leader Nigel Farrage won a seat

    SNP 10

    Greens 2

GBP has barely moved after the election. A huge win for Labour was forecast in the weeks leading up to the poll.

The other big news was from China, where the People’s Bank of China signed agreements with major banks/institutions to borrow Chinese treasury bonds. The Bank will sell these bonds when it sees fit, and based on market conditions, to drive prices lower/yields higher. Chinese government bonds have been rising strongly (yields lower) and its this move the PBOC is aiming to combat.

The favouring of risk FX over the USD carried on, with AUD, NZD, EUR and GBP rising a little on the session. The CHF rose also.

Meanwhile, the yen gained ground. It registered losses earlier in the session, a catalyst seeming to be very, very poor household consumption data (see bullets above). USD/JPY rose to highs circa 161.40 but soon retraced. The downside momentum for USD/JPY (ie stronger yen) was added to by some more forthright than usual remarks from Japan’s finance minister Suzuki.

The cryptyo complex lost ground. BTC/USD dropped under US$56K (see bullets above).

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