A simple and clean technical analysis snapshot for the Japanese Yen vs US Dollar

Technically, when will the JPYUSD stop being bearish?

The Japanese Yen is heavy to start the week and If JPYUSD re-enters the channel shown in the chart below, and closes a daily candle within it, then the bearish case is over and a new bullish premise may take stage, depending on the price action. For those seeking increased confirmation for JPYUSD back to a possible buy, the daily candle needs to close above 133.562, which is the high of 01 Aug, 2022.

Japanese Yen vs US Dollar technical analysis
Japanese Yen vs US Dollar technical analysis

USDJPY technical analysis video

There are stronger technical analysis formations than others, which means that people believe they should work more than others,and on time frames that are more reliable than hours (for example, the daily timeframe is more reliable than the 5 minute one). Price crossing down a channel is a relatively reliable pattern and the following video shows the details for this case relating to the USD vs the Japanese Yen.

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