2 2 30 GMT Australia - AiG Services PMI for April

  • Australia Australian Industry Group Performance of Services Index

  • prior 56.2

This is the fifth and final PMI from Australia for April. The April PMIs are all showing good rates of expansion:

2330 GMT Tokyo inflation data for April– Tokyo area CPI (national level CPI for the month follows in three weeks)

  • Tokyo CPI % y/y, expected 1.9%, prior was 1.3%

  • Tokyo CPI excluding Fresh Food % y/y, expected 1.8%, prior was 0.8%

  • Tokyo CPI excluding Food, Energy % y/y, expected -0.5%, prior was -0.4% (this measure of Japanese inflation is closest to the US 'core' CPI)

2350 GMT brings Japan monetary base, see pic below

0130 GMT - Reserve Bank of Australia Statement on Monetary Policy. Earlier this week we had the first cash rate hike for over 11 years:

Since then we have had some updated analyst forecasts:

Back to today ... the Statement on Monetary Policy will contain updated forecasts from the Bank.

  • The Statement on Monetary Policy sets out the Bank's assessment of current economic conditions, both domestic and international, along with the outlook for Australian inflation and output growth. A number of boxes on topics of special interest are also published. The Statement is issued four times a year.
calendar 06 May 2022
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